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core/vpdl/vpdl_distribution.h [code]The templated base class for all distributions
core/vpdl/vpdl_distribution.txx [code]
core/vpdl/vpdl_gaussian.h [code]A Gaussian with variance independent in each dimension
core/vpdl/vpdl_gaussian_base.h [code]The abstract base class for Gaussian distributions
core/vpdl/vpdl_gaussian_indep.h [code]A Gaussian with variance independent in each dimension
core/vpdl/vpdl_gaussian_sphere.h [code]A Gaussian with (hyper-)spherical covariance
core/vpdl/vpdl_kernel_base.h [code]Base classes for kernel (aka Parzen window) distributions
core/vpdl/vpdl_kernel_gaussian_sfbw.h [code]A fixed bandwidth spherical Gaussian kernel distribution
core/vpdl/vpdl_mixture.h [code]A mixture of distributions
core/vpdl/vpdl_mixture_of.h [code]A mixture of a fixed type of distributions
core/vpdl/vpdl_multi_cmp_dist.h [code]Base class for multiple component distributions
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_access.h [code]Overloaded functions to allow uniform API access to various field types
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_dist_traits.h [code]Specialized template trait classes for properties of a distribution type
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_distribution_accessors.h [code]Accessor functors that apply to all distributions
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_eigen_sym_matrix.h [code]A symmetric matrix represented in eigenvalue decomposition
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_enable_if.h [code]Use static booleans to control template instantiation
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_field_default.h [code]A type generator for the default types (those used in vpdl)
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_field_traits.h [code]Specialized template trait classes for properties of a field type
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_gaussian.h [code]A generic Gaussian distribution
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_gaussian_detector.h [code]Detectors applying to Gaussians
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_log_probability.h [code]The basic functions for log of probability calculation
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_mixture_accessors.h [code]Accessor functors that apply to all mixture distributions
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_mixture_detector.h [code]Detectors applying to mixtures
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_mixture_of.h [code]A mixture of a fixed type of distributions
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_mog_fitness.h [code]Ordering functions for sorting mixtures of Gaussian components
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_norm_metric.h [code]Metrics derived from norms
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_num_obs.h [code]Attach a "number of observations" variable to any distribution
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_probability.h [code]The basic functions for probability calculations
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_update_gaussian.h [code]Iterative updating of Gaussians
core/vpdl/vpdt/vpdt_update_mog.h [code]Iterative updating of a mixture of Gaussians

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