core/vgui/vgui_event.cxx File Reference

Detailed Description

See vgui_event.h for a description of this file.

Philip C. Pritchett, Robotics Research Group, University of Oxford
11 Sep 99
     11-SEP-1999 P.Pritchett - Initial version.

Definition in file vgui_event.cxx.

#include "vgui_event.h"
#include <vcl_iostream.h>
#include <vul/vul_get_timestamp.h>

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#define macro(e)   {vgui_ ## e,#e}


vcl_ostream & operator<< (vcl_ostream &s, vgui_event_type t)
vcl_ostream & operator<< (vcl_ostream &s, vgui_event const &e)
bool operator== (vgui_event const &a, vgui_event const &b)
 Returns true if events are the same.

Define Documentation

#define macro (  )     {vgui_ ## e,#e}

Function Documentation

vcl_ostream& operator<< ( vcl_ostream &  s,
vgui_event const &  e 

Definition at line 134 of file vgui_event.cxx.

vcl_ostream& operator<< ( vcl_ostream &  s,
vgui_event_type  t 

Definition at line 125 of file vgui_event.cxx.

bool operator== ( vgui_event const &  a,
vgui_event const &  b 

Returns true if events are the same.

Isn't this what the compiler would have generated anyway? moreover, the compiler-generated one wouldn't need to be updated when the fields are changed. fsm.

Definition at line 152 of file vgui_event.cxx.

Variable Documentation

char const* name

Definition at line 94 of file vgui_event.cxx.

Definition at line 93 of file vgui_event.cxx.

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