vcsl : Spatial Coordinate Systems and Manipulation

The core coordinate system library vcsl is intended to provide standard 2D and 3D coordinate systems (cartesian, polar, geographic, ...) together with units to specify their dimensions (meter, degree, radian) and also a set of transformations between coordinate systems: translation, scale, rotation, perspective, ..., and any combination of these.

Each coordinate system has a list of reference axes, 2 for the 2D systems and 3 for the 3D systems. They specify the main directions of the coordinate system in space. E.g., the 3 axes for the cylindrical coordinate system are a length axis and two angle axes.

A spatial transformation can be static or dynamic; for a dynamic transformation, a list of static transformations is given at specified time instances, together with an interpolation mechanism for intermediate time instants.

There is also a connected graph class where nodes are coordinate systems and arrows are transformations.

The class hierarchy is as follows:

*   vcsl_axis
*   vcsl_coordinate_system
*     vcsl_cartesian
*     vcsl_spatial
*       vcsl_cartesian_2d
*       vcsl_cartesian_3d
*       vcsl_cylindrical
*       vcsl_geographic (uses vcsl_spheroid)
*         vcsl_geocentric
*         vcsl_geodetic
*         vcsl_lambertian
*         vcsl_utm
*       vcsl_polar
*       vcsl_spherical
*   vcsl_dimension
*     vcsl_angle
*     vcsl_length
*   vcsl_unit
*     vcsl_angle_unit
*       vcsl_degree
*       vcsl_radian
*     vcsl_length_unit
*       vcsl_meter
*   vcsl_spatial_transformation
*     vcsl_composition
*     vcsl_cylindrical_to_cartesian_3d
*     vcsl_matrix (uses vcsl_matrix_param)
*     vcsl_perspective
*     vcsl_rotation
*       vcsl_displacement
*     vcsl_scale
*     vcsl_translation
*   vcsl_graph

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