vepl : Easy Image Processing Library

This library essentially just provides wrappers around the templated IP classes of the vipl library, but limited to images of type vil1_image .

For every class in vipl , there is a function in vepl with the same name (after substituting "vipl" by "vepl"), which returns a vil1_image, whose first argument is a vil1_image (the input image), and where the possible extra arguments are identical to the arguments of the constructor of the corresponding vipl class.

To get an idea of how to use these functions, have a look at the example programs in tbl/vepl/examples/ . The examples are worked out, in the sense that they also take care of loading and saving the images and possibly reading the filter parameters from standard input. Ignoring this, the use of a particular IP filter is just a single line: e.g.:

*   vil1_image im1 = vil1_load("filename"); // assume "ubyte" image
*   vil1_image im2 = vepl_gradient_mag(im1);
*   vil1_image im3 = vepl_median(im2, 1.5); // median filter with radius 1.5
*   vil1_image im4 = vepl_threshold(im3, 59,0,255); // binary clipping at 59
*   vil1_save(im4, "edges_image.pgm", "pnm");

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