vimt3d : Polymorphic 3D image + transform library

Provides a set of image classes, derived from vimt_image, which can be used as `registered views' on actual image data.

The vimt classes use vil3d_image_view to provide that actual 3d images, and a vimt3d_transform_3d object to provide the registration.

The most commonly used classes are likely to be vimt_image_3d_of<T>.


Image pyramids (vimt_image_pyramid) are stacks of images, assumed to have lower resolution as one goes up the stack.

They can be build using vimt_image_pyramid_builder objects such as

vimt3d images

vil3d_image_resource_sptr ir = vil3d_load_image_resource("Sequence_A2344_###.dcm");
vimt3d_image_3d_of<vxl_int_32> image;
image.image() = ir->get_view(0,ir->ni(),0,ir->nj(),0,ir->nk());

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