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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_convert_osl.cxx [code]
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_convert_osl.h [code]Toolbox to make conversion from osl to vtol
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_convert_vtol.cxx [code]
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_convert_vtol.h [code]Toolbox to make conversion from vtol to vnl, vil1_image to vil1_memory_image
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_dense_matching.cxx [code]
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_dense_matching.h [code]
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_homog2d.cxx [code]
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_homog2d.h [code]
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_kl.cxx [code]
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_kl.h [code]Interface to use Kanade-Lucas algorithm
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_kl_params.cxx [code]
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_kl_params.h [code]Interface to set Kanade-Lucas parameters
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_lines_correlation.cxx [code]
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_lines_correlation.h [code]
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_multi_view_data.cxx [code]
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_multi_view_data.h [code]Class to hold the matched points through multi views
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_multi_view_data_edge_sptr.h [code]A smart pointer on a vmal_multi_view_data<vtol_edge_2d_sptr>
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_multi_view_data_vertex_sptr.h [code]A smart pointer on a vmal_multi_view_data<vtol_vertex_2d_sptr>
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_operators.cxx [code]
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_operators.h [code]
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_rectifier.cxx [code]
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_rectifier.h [code]Take a set of matched points and matched lines into 2 images and transform them so that the epipoles of the 2 images are at infinity
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_refine_lines.cxx [code]
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_refine_lines.h [code]Refine two lines using different methods:
  • with this homography between the two images * refine at the minimum: keep only the common part of the lines (intersection) * refine at the maximum: extend the lines (union)
  • with the fundamental matrix Problems have been encountered because when the lines are almost parallel to the epipolar lines, big errors occurred
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_track_lines.cxx [code]
contrib/gel/vmal/vmal_track_lines.h [code]Match lines that have been detected in a sequence of images

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