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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
contrib/brl/bbas/bgrl/bgrl_edge.cxx [code]
contrib/brl/bbas/bgrl/bgrl_edge.h [code]A directed edge in a graph
contrib/brl/bbas/bgrl/bgrl_edge_sptr.h [code]A smart pointer to a bgrl_edge
contrib/brl/bbas/bgrl/bgrl_graph.cxx [code]
contrib/brl/bbas/bgrl/bgrl_graph.h [code]A general graph object
contrib/brl/bbas/bgrl/bgrl_graph_sptr.h [code]A smart pointer to a bgrl_graph
contrib/brl/bbas/bgrl/bgrl_search_func.cxx [code]
contrib/brl/bbas/bgrl/bgrl_search_func.h [code]A set of search functions to search through a graph
contrib/brl/bbas/bgrl/bgrl_search_func_sptr.h [code]A smart pointer to a bgrl_search_func
contrib/brl/bbas/bgrl/bgrl_vertex.cxx [code]
contrib/brl/bbas/bgrl/bgrl_vertex.h [code]A vertex in a graph
contrib/brl/bbas/bgrl/bgrl_vertex_sptr.h [code]A smart pointer to a bgrl_vertex

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